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Our Menus

Each menu is stemmed from the same core menu introduced in Midland in 1947.  We try to keep our spices and vegetables local.  Our menus mostly derive from Mexico, but we have introduced some New Mexican flare and a touch of modern Texas cuisine. You’ll find vegetarian dishes in Austin and dishes with more meat and cheese in Amarillo.  Dallas has opened up an opportunity to introduce a more gourmet presentation.  We hope you’ll find what your looking for on the following pages.


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Our Mission:

In a “taco” shell, we want to feed you and we want you to leave happy and satisfied! We aim to serve the freshest ingredients. Our food is made fresh daily and the leftovers are thrown out nightly.  We guarantee a fresh product.  Our restaurants are in a constant state of growth.  Evolving is what keeps us jumping for your attention and it helps aid us in trying new recipes with new ingredients.

Our menu has many of it’s original components and combinations, the oldies but goodies are still there. But be sure to look for our newest creations, they appear in table tents, separate menus, entrance boards, and word of mouth.  Our chefs and owners are constantly trying to appease your taste buds.

We aim to please! If you want to eat an egg inside your frozen Margarita, who are we to judge.  It will be served right up the way you want it.  Keeping you happy and serving you with a smile is very important to us.  We hope you’ll let us know how we can make your dining experience unique and enjoyable.

Jorge's Tex Mex in the Arts District a perfect day of enjoyment at one of the district's art institutions and this establishment will make for a splendid outing. I look forward to a return visit. Jorge's tshirt



“I’m trying to change the thinking behind Tex-Mex cuisine. It doesn’t have to be greasy and unhealthy. By using high quality meats, spices and vegetables, we can increase the flavor index, and decrease your waistline.”


- Austin XLent in the American Statesman.

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We just keep getting BETTER!

We always have a good margarita waiting for you.  Every location has it’s specialty Margaritas, call your nearest Jorge’s to see what’s new.

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